Daily UTI Defense (PRE-ORDER)
Daily UTI Defense (PRE-ORDER)

Daily UTI Defense (PRE-ORDER)

  • 800 mg of electrolytes
  • gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, and non-gmo
  •  clinically-researched ingredients
  • gently cleanses urinary tract
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Feel the difference. Risk free.

Daily UTI Defense (PRE-ORDER)

Regular price $24.95
Regular price Sale price $24.95

"This really delivered on taste. I love how it's so easy to drink and packed with nutrition. Overall a great drink for when you start to feel a UTI coming on." - Crystal J.

Cleansing Electrolyte Elixer

One of the most common causes for UTI’s, brain fog and fatigue is dehydration… and our cleanse + electrolyte blend is here to help. Use our women’s electrolyte elixir to alkalize, hydrate and flush keeping your body nourished with essential vitamins and minerals. Formulated with women’s health in mind to keep your body hydrated and urinary tract healthy. Keep things healthy and happy down there! Each canister contains 30 servings. 

Active Ingredients

D-MANNOSE is a naturally occurring carbohydrate found in various fruits and vegetables such as peaches, oranges, peaches, blueberries and cranberries. This essential nutrient is crucial for urinary health as it has the ability to bind to micro-organisms, aiding in their removal and flushing from the urinary tract to keep your tract clear!

MAGNESIUM is an important electrolyte that plays a vital role in various body functions., which help in the creation of DNA and are essential in maintaining proper nerve and muscle function and vital for hydration.

VITAMIN D is necessary for the absorption of calcium and magnesium. It is only efficiently absorbed when in combination with magnesium, which has been shown in studies to help prevent the growth of new bacteria in UTI.

VITAMIN C in the form of ascorbate provides antioxidant benefits to the body and is necessary for immune system function. It is excreted in the urine and has been studied for its positive effects on the immune system and fighting off free-radicals and having antimicrobial properties.

POTASSIUM CITRATE, when mixed with water, dissolves into separate potassium and citrate ions. This compound has an alkalizing effect on urine, decreasing acidity levels. Additionally, potassium ions replace the potassium lost during urination, helping in maintaining proper hydration and electrolyte levels.

VITAMIN B6, also known as pyridoxine hydrochloride, is a group of compounds essential for proper protein, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism. This nutrient has a gentle diuretic effect and is found in many common plant superfoods like papayas and apricots.

ORGANIC CRANBERRY EXTRACT POWDER is paired with organic Monk Fruit sweetener to give a comforting and familiar cranberry taste without added sugar. This extract is made from dehydrated real organic cranberries and helps in clearing and preventing urinary tract infections.

CALCIUM is another essential ion that acts as an electrolyte in the body. In Girl Bye, UTI calcium ascorbate is included to ensure proper bone mineralization and hydration. This form of calcium dissolves into ascorbate ions in fluid and is easily absorbed by our digestive systems.

Suggested Usage

Take at the first sign of a UTI or dehydration. Take it regularly if you are someone who is prone to getting UTIs. Use as a hydration boost after sweaty activities like sex and working out.